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Password Encryption

GOYakka takes Security very seriously and we are continuously looking to improve our systems to help make it as secure as possible.
Although GOYakka doesn’t store too much personal data we do of course store your password for you to use to gain access to our App.
When storing your passwords we encrypt it using a 512bit encryption program.
Tip: Although we do our very best to secure your password we do recommend using a different password to ones you use on our websites. This is a very good habit to get into anyway.

Email protection

It is a sad fact that there are some people on the Internet who wish to steal personal details. This is something we at GOYakka have made sure is always in our mind whilst we design and create our App.
One of the many design features of GOYakka is that we store your given email address in separate entities. Essentially splitting up your email address into many parts and storing these parts in different locations.
Ensuring your personal details like your email address is as secure as possible we continually test and improve our security procedures.

API Errors

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SUPPORT .............

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How to connect an Account

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How to Update my Settings

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