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API Errors uses an API to connect to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. An API is basically a way of gaining access to the providers data remotely. 
Many API providers like social media platforms Facebook and Twitter restrict the amount of communication between them and third party Apps like GOYakka. It helps them keep their data more secure and keeps their bandwidth under control. 
If for whatever reason the API levels are broken the social media platform can stop GOYakka from performing those commands for a short time. 
For example if the same API command is issued too many times within a hour period they will issue an error and stop future commands for a little while. 
The chances are you have found your way to this page because you have received one of these errors. 

What now?

The team at GOYakka get informed every time this error occurs in case it is due to a system fault. If we see that it was caused by our system we will contact you via email with further information. Please make sure all email addresses are in your email whitelist to stop our emails disapearing into your spam folder.
Many of these issues can be fixed by simply waiting a little while, therefore, before trying again we recommend waiting 15 minutes or more and try the function again. 
If you continually receive the same error please contact our support team Here


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GOYakka takes Security very seriously and we are continuously looking to improve our systems to help make it as secure as possible. We go to great lengths to secure your data…