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How to Edit or Delete a Category or Sub-Category

In the CATEGORIES page – which is found within the SOCIAL section of the menu – you will find all your created Categories and Sub-Categories connected to your GOYakka account.

Learn how to use Categories and Sub-Categories

Click if you would like to know more about Categories and Sub-Categories including examples on how to use them.

Editing a Category

To edit a Category which will allow you to rename the Category, simply click the Category you wish to edit.
GOYakka will now display a page which you can change the name of the Category or Sub-Category.
The bottom half of the Edit page will display any connected Sub-Categories.

Editing a Sub-Category

If you select a Sub-Category to edit you will also be able to change which parent Category the Sub-Category it is connected with.
Tip: A Sub-Category must be connected to at least one parent Category.

Deleting a Category or Sub-Category

Deleting a Category or Sub-Category is very simple, from the CATEGORIES page you will see all your Categories and Sub-Categories.

Each Category shows how many posts are using the Category and if it is connected to any Sub-Categories.

Tip: If you are deleting a Category you will need to either delete or move any attached Sub-Categories first. Sub-Categories always need a parent Category. To do this click on the Sub-Category that is connected to the Category you wish to delete and change the relationship.

Select the Category you wish to delete.

Use the Red GO DELETE button to delete the Category or Sub-Category.

If you have any posts which are using the Category you will be presented with another screen to allow you to move your posts to another Category or Sub-Category.

Tip: All posts need to be assigned at least one Category or Sub-Category.

How to Pause or Disconnect an Account

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How to Update my Settings

Use the Settings page to configure your version of GOYakka

How to use Categories and Sub-Categories

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