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Why Should I Get My Twitter Account Verified?

Twitter have recently opened their doors to allow anyone with a Twitter account to get their account verified. If you have not heard about this we recommend you quickly read our recent post on “Twitter to Allow Anyone to Verify Their Account” and come back. We will wait.

Great, you’re back! 🙂

So now you know how Twitter are allowing non-celebrities to get their Twitter accounts verified, but why should you bother doing it?

This little blue tick shows that YOU are that person they are looking for!

In the past when you have searched for ‘that‘ famous person on Twitter you wish to follow, you may have entered in their name into Twitter’s search facility. This would most likely list several ‘fake‘ accounts run by fans and one account, the real account, run by the celebrity.

If the real account was verified it would have a little blue tick attached to the handle name showing you which account is the one you should be following.

Twitter verified

Protect your Brand or Product

Now imagine if someone was searching for your product or company on Twitter, it is quite possible that there could be more than one account in the search results.

I wonder how many people are following wrong accounts thinking they are the ‘real’ ones?

By adding a verified tick to your account it will highlight your account to future followers that your account is the correct one.



You know what it’s like when you are searching for answers and you just want to get the correct information from the right people. Whether a product manufacturer, an expert in their field or someone who is authoritative and trustworthy.

Well having this little blue tick shows that YOU are that person they are looking for. Twitter have confirmed that they will only give the verified blue tick to accounts that meet their strict criteria, so accounts that get the tick should be one of THE most authoritative accounts in their field.


Connection to Your Company

Ensuring your companies brand looks professional on social media could make or break your social media campaign and could tarnish your brand as a whole. Therefore it is always a good idea to embrace as many tools and signals to help promote your brand and make it look as professional as possible. Adding Twitters verify tick is another one of those signals which will show that your Twitter account is professionally managed.


Help Your Future Followers Find YOUR Account

We all know how short our attention is online, we all want to get to where we need to go ASAP. By utilising as many signals to help people find your Twitter account like the verify tick will highlight your account, which in turn will help future followers find you.


There you have it, plenty of reasons to apply for a Twitter verified tick which can be done from this link: Twitter Verified Application.

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Written by Stuart Cole

Stuart Cole has been running internet businesses since 1996 and has been concentrating on his popular group of Apps since 2015. A regular author on topics like social media, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

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