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The NEW Future of Ecommerce websites


We are all experiencing a new World since the Caronavirus pandemic, a simple task like shopping now takes longer and often some of the items aren’t available.

So the obvious solution for most is to shop online, even for items you wouldn’t normally do so for. Since the start of the lockdown, the large supermarkets that already offered online delivery became overwhelmed with orders. The businesses that also had ecommerce websites also saw an increase in online traffic. Where many companies are suffering others are actually doing very good business.

So, what have we learnt from this situation we all find ourselves in, in terms of running our businesses?


Every business should sell online

Well quite clearly having as many “shop windows” for your business will increase sales. The internet is the biggest shop window of them all so pull open the blinds and let the world see your products.

I used to think only certain products could be sold on ecommerce websites, but, these last few month’s have shown me how resourceful people and businesses are and are now selling online.
You only need to see the wide range of new products added to Amazon to get a feel.

One such example I read about is the increase of Google searches for “Cream Teas” – increased by a massive 750% – by people looking for an online shopping option.
I never saw that coming!

In fact whilst we have all been in lockdown sweets and treats are high on our shopping lists.


What NEW unusual ecommerce websites are there?


If you think your products just won’t sell online via ecommerce maybe these products – which are all now sold via ecommerce websites – will change your mind.

  1. Need a new car? You now don’t even need to visit a showroom to buy a car or van. With online car configurators you can spec up your new motor from the sofa. You can even pay for it there too!
  2. We touched on food above but it is not just cake and tea. Small bespoke cafes and restaurants are now selling via ecommerce and either delivering to your door themselves or are using services like Deliveroo.
  3. I’ve even seen a pub selling draught beer online and delivering it to your door. Now THAT is a good idea!

It doesn’t matter if your product won’t be available for some time – like a new car – if it’s a physical object there is a good chance you will be able to sell it using an ecommerce website.


Can a service business sell via ecommerce?

Only kidding, for some services it might be more difficult and require a little thought or possibly a little change to the service you offer to be able to sell online.

Need your garden looked after? Click:
1x lawn cut
1x boarders tidy-up
4x new pot plants
Click BUY


I have a window cleaner who comes around every couple of months to clean our windows. Every time I struggle to find enough coins and notes to pay him – I don’t carry much cash. Even he could benefit from an ecommerce website, automatic payments and no cash needed by me. A win-win.

Do you run a club or organise paid gatherings?
Set up a quick and easy Shopify website or WordPress Woocommerce site and in no time at all you are off and running.


Are you still only selling in Bulk?


Many businesses like wholesale only sell their products in bulk, it makes sense. They have large quantities of products which they sell in bulk to their sales channels.
But what happens if your sales channels have disappeared?
It could be temporary like what has affected many businesses by the coronavirus, or, if they don’t make it through the other side, it could be permanent.
Where does this leave your business?
Maybe, just maybe it might be wise to offer your products in smaller quantities, or maybe still in bulk but to a new sales channel which also includes a new set of customers.
Many ecommerce solutions connect up to the big product management tools which you might already be using, so offering an online ordering system might not take that much work at all.

But what about my loyal sales channels who are still in business?
They too can also use your new ecommerce website and order the bulk products they need. With account management, you can give them the discount they are used too without the rest of the world seeing those reduced prices.

Hey, this might actually be a quicker and a better system than you already have, so, at least it’s worth a look!?


I think this is the start – or should I say increased growth – of how we will purchase many other products from now on.
Don’t be left behind, add ecommerce to your current website or get a new site and increase your sales and profits.