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Welcome to GOYakka!

Welcome to GOYakka’s first official blog post!

So I guess our first blog post should really be about introducing you to GOYakka and some of the powerful ways it can help you manage your online content.

First off let me introduce myself, my name is Stuart Cole and I am the founder and developer of GOYakka.

I thought it would be fun to structure this post as a self-interview, I will try and ask myself some searching questions! 🙂


Let’s start with what is GOYakka?
GOYakka is content scheduling tool aimed at professional social media managers, content curators and blog writers.
Whether you manage a single set of Social Media accounts or you manage hundreds of accounts for your clients GOYakka will save you a ton of time.
More on how it save you time and the initial tools GOYakka offers today and what GOYakka will be developing in the future a little later.


Why is GOYakka called GOYakka?
I have worked in online marketing and social media management for many years and know all too well how important the name and domain name is to an online business.
The more time goes by the less options you have for a domain name, they just keep getting snapped up!

I also had a few boxes to tick before I settled on the domain, and in the end company name:

1. The name had to have something to do with Work or performing Work. We didn’t want it just to have a ‘social media’ name as GOYakka is so much more than social media management.
2. We wanted a name that was snappy, catchy and easy to remember.
3. Although a professional tool we want the experience of using GOYakka fun and enjoyable, the name had to reflect this.
4. If possible we wanted to have a .com domain name. It was not essential but it would be really cool if we could.

GOYakka wasn’t our first choice, in fact. it started out being called Apart from being a bit of a mouthful to say it was very much saying ‘Social Media’ rather than ‘Content Management’ which is what GOYakka is really about.
However, I did like the name.

GOYakka is pronounced:

“go yak-hur”

We came up with GOYAKKA as Yakka means to work hard, so GOYakka actually means GO Work!

So our NEW tool will GO Work for you!

Try GOYakka Yourself For Free!

Who is behind GOYakka?
Well, that question is easy, me, Stuart Cole.
I have been in the online sector for many years, most recently project managing clients social media and content publications.


Why did we start GOYakka?
To be honest I created GOYakka because I was spending so much time perform routine tasks which a tool like GOYakka could do for me. I’m a great believer in using your own tools or apps yourself, otherwise, how do you know the value it is providing to your customers? I created this tool because needed a tool like this and want to use it myself.


What does GOYakka do?
One of the things that disappoint me is an invention, whether software or something you can touch, is that it lets itself down and doesn’t perform its task as well as it could. Do you know what I mean?

In the UK there is a Vacuum machine manufacturer that is built on a superb design. It has a really strong suck and uses less power to do so. I recently bought one of these and was really disappointed that although it did have a strong suck using the machine around the house was awkward and the handle makes your hard sore! I know this company tests their machine to destruction using robots performing the same tasks over and over again to see if the machine breaks. But, I wonder how much testing is by humans in a house performing the tasks for real?


I am determined to try and make GOYakka the best experience our customers can have and every one of the tools must perform perfectly every time. I’m not one of these people who creates a tool continues to finish off developing whilst paying customers are using and putting up with the failures. If someone is paying for a tool it should be worth their money.


I may have waffled on a bit there, sorry, but it is a subject that i feel very strongly about.

At the moment GOYakka is in Beta for our social media section of our App.


Only 30% of Twitter users sign on once a day! Recycle your posts!


GOYakka ensures that your great social media posts are seen by more people by resending your evergreen content again at a later date.


What’s the difference between GOYakka and other similar tools like Buffer and Hootsuite?
As soon as you login into GOYakka you will see right away that our Dashboard is completely different to both of those services. Don’t get me wrong both Buffer and Hootsuite are very good tools, they are just different to GOYakka.
Where they might schedule a tweet, for GOYakka it is only the start, so much more happens afterwards.


What is the current status of GOYakka?
There is however, a downside to my desire to make the best tool possible, it takes time both creating and testing.
At the moment GOYakka is in invite Beta status, which means the App is ready to be used but we are monitoring and tweaking to make it the best experience as possible. We are also slowly adding new Beta users in a controlled manner, by doing this we can monitor the App’s servers stress levels, the last thing you want is a stressed out server let me tell you!


I would love to hear your thoughts on GOYakka, if you would like to test drive GOYakka for yourself I would be forever in your debt!

Click on the button in the header for an invite!


What are the plans for GOYakka in the future?
So I don’t bore the hell out of you, because I could talk about GOYakka forever so I will try and keep this answer short’ish.

The social media management tool in GOYakka is just a very small part of our App. In fact the main fabric is our Yakka section which is a very comprehensive tool.


I would love to share my excitement with you now and shout about all the cool things being developed, but if I did I wouldn’t have anything to talk about when they come online.
But don’t worry I will be keeping you all up to date with how things are proceeding via our Newsletter, Blog posts and or course on Twitter and Facebook.

Remember Beta users will get to try out new updates and new tools before everyone else so get an invite!


How can I start using GOYakka?
As mentioned earlier I would love it if you would be kind enough to try GOYakka in Beta mode for yourself. It’s free and very easy to get going.


If you know of someone who you think would benefit from GOYakka or would be slightly interested send them a tweet or Facebook message:

social media share buttons with test already written.
So there we have it, GOYakka’s first blog post over and done with. There are many more posts on their way not only showing off features of GOYakka but thoughts on social media and blogging in general.


I would love to hear from you! Twitter & Facebook

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Written by Stuart Cole

Stuart Cole has been running internet businesses since 1996 and has been concentrating on his popular group of Apps since 2015. A regular author on topics like social media, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

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